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Hi, my name is Melanie,

I am a faith-based health and wellness specialist. I specialize in helping women to embrace whom they are mentally, physically, and spiritually. by giving women the tools they need to maintain a healthy balance in their physical, mental, and spiritual life. Living healthier is not just about what you eat. It's about living in a way that compliments you as a whole.

By taking care of your physical being, you will begin to take care of your mental and spiritual state. Your physical is your body. When your body is unhealthy it triggers your mind and spirit. The way you feed your body is the way you feed your mind and spirit. I often find when I start my day with prayer and meditating on the word of God, I make better food choices. When I make better food choices, I feel less stressed and more energized. Therefore, I feel like going outside, participating in movement or exercises, turning off the television, and reading a book. When I read it is usually something positive to feed my mind. This becomes habit and habit change becomes a lifestyle change.


The purpose of this website is to be a guide, and inspiration, and encourage you to embrace the new creature Jesus is transforming you into. Whatever God has placed on the inside of you, I want to help pull it out and embrace it. You deserve it. God Bless.



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Her Temple

Healthy Energized Renewed

 We all have a purpose and identity in Jesus Christ. However, this gets lost in the harshness of this world. We become wrapped up in society's view in how they think we should be, even though " Society" did not create us, God did!

What God says about me is far more empowering than what the world says about me. He says I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I myself had to accept that as truth by renewing my mind. I had to let go of all of the negative talk that I allowed to take residence in my mind. I then allowed God's word to replace the lie of the enemy.  Although it wasn't easy, It was worth it! Now I am no longer a slave to lies, I am free because I know the truth. 

As a health and life coach, teacher and Minister of the Gospel, it is my mission to help you discover the truth about what God says about you and apply it. 


Her Temple is designed to help you to find balance in your mental, physical and spiritual health through the word of God!

With my health and life coaching program, you will discover the areas in life that has you stuck and learn how to move into your purpose through Christ. 

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