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Embracing Your Natural Beauty

Embracing Your Natural Beauty.

When we think about natural beauty, we think about wearing our natural hair and no make-up on our faces. However, natural beauty is much more than that. Your natural beauty is what makes you shine, it’s your beauty from the inside out. It's what makes you, you! Loving yourself unapologetically is what makes you a natural beauty. However, we have a hard time figuring out what that is and embracing it.

Our whole lives we are criticized for being ourselves. Either you are too fat or too skinny. Your skin is too light or too dark. Your hair is not straight enough. Those are just some of our criticisms about our

outward appearance. What about the criticism against your character? You’re too loud, you talk too much. You are too mean. You’re too nice. The fact is you can’t please everyone! You can only be whom God has created you to be.

Living a healthy lifestyle that shows in our mind, body, and spirit.

When these things are on track, then you will be able to make decisions that complement your life.

When your mind is healthy you can think positively about yourself and not stress about what

people say. When your body is healthy then you will be motivated to make constructive decisions for yourself, rather than destructive ones. When your spirit is healthy, then you can experience a solid spiritual connection with your higher power. Your higher power can and will guide your path to a place where you can love yourself, no matter what.

Be a natural beauty by, being yourself. Develop a “so what” attitude. Let them say, “You’re too

skinny” So what. “You’re too fat” So what! You’re too loud, so what!! Stop allowing other people's

opinions of you to become your reality. If you’re unsatisfied with anything, then decide to take healthy choices to see the results you want. Forget about the background noise that will always be

there. Live your life, in a healthy positive way that pleases you. You are a natural beauty.

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